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Discover how to 10x your conversions with killer sales conversations and ninja launch strategies...

Plus a look under the hood of Laura Phillips' $100k Mastermind launch.

5th April 2018 with Laura Phillips & Jade Jemma

The online marketing game is changing quicker than ever.

Email deliverability is at its worst rate ever, there’s ever-growing competition in your niche and social media platforms keep changing their algorithms - meaning your marketing is no longer as effective as it used to be.

It’s getting harder and harder to achieve the same results online...

But we are seeing better results than we have EVER seen and our conversions are going the roof!

They don’t nickname us Conversion Queens for nothing, you know 😉

But why is that?

It’s because we combine our very different skill sets to CRUSH our launches of our high ticket products, recurring memberships, live events, services and online workshops…

Laura’s recent launch hit 6-figures in sales from a launch list of just 385 emails & an 11% conversion rate (10 times higher than the industry standard of 1% on this launch style)

And for the first time EVER we are teaching the strategies we use to achieve those results to a small group of entrepreneurs, breaking Laura’s 6-figure launch step by step, sharing the actual strategies that worked and how we combined them for killer results.

And guess what…

You don’t have to be a confident sales-whizz, with loads of ad spend and techie skills to achieve these results!

What we teach is SO simple that even introverts just starting out and with no marketing skills can apply them to their business.

This workshop is for you, if you are selling or launching...

1:2:1 / group coaching and masterminds

Live events, workshops and retreats

Digital products and memberships

Online workshops and masterclasses

What's in it for you during the masterclass?

  • Discover our exact blueprint combining sales conversations and top launch strategies to 10x your conversions.
  • Get personalised feedback and your questions answered during the Q&A session.
  • A behind the scenes look of a 6-figure launch, dissecting every crucial sales and marketing strategy, so you can apply them to your own business.
  • Gain insider secrets and our top mindset ninja tricks to give you more confidence in your own launches - even if you’ve never sold anything online before.
  • Access to both of us in a private Facebook group for 2 weeks so we can help you create your own action plan for moving forward.

What we’re going to cover

Get people queuing up to buy

How to use a highly engaging online launch strategy to sell your products and services and turn strangers into raving fans.

Success with small lists & tiny budgets

How to achieve high sales of your products and services, even if you have a small list or you don’t have much of a marketing budget.

6-figure launch debrief

How to maximise your sales during a launch of your products / services and a debrief of Laura's recent 6-figure launch.

How to close sales like a pro

How to close high ticket sales in a totally non-sleazy way, even if you HATE selling, you lack confidence, or its the first time you’ve launched anything.

Sell your products using affiliates

How to run your own affiliate launch, build relationships with partners who can sell your products for you and what you should pay them to get the best results. .

Make huge sales AS an affiliate

How to sell other people's products and services AS an affiliate and crush your launches to become an influencer in your industry.

Meet your masterclass hosts

Laura Phillips

Laura Phillips

“Laura ventured into entrepreneurship to fulfill her business dreams after a successful career as a digital agency director. Her web agency grew so fast that Laura suffered burnout, and so she decided to turn her skills into digital products to achieve freedom. She speaks internationally about digital products, teaches hundreds of students all over the world and launched Profit From Products to help others achieve their success with digital products. Laura is here to help you get quick wins with your launches and take huge brave leaps with your business."

Jade Jemma

Jade Jemma

“Jade has been a sales professional, trainer and lover for 10 years now. From an award-winning career as a sales consultant where she worked with global leading brands helping them to increase their sales, to her current business working with entrepreneurs where her clients have achieved their very first sales, 5 figure months and even 5 figure sales. Jade is well equipped to help you to not only master and increase your sales, but to learn to LOVE selling so you can scale your business and create your ultimate freedom lifestyle.”


Todd Herman

Todd Herman

“There's a big difference between someone knowing ‘How To' put up a website. ‘How To' create an ad on Facebook and on and on… And someone that knows how all the components fit together in the online world AND produce REAL Revenue from the ocean of opportunities online. Laura not only has the tactical skills to get people results. She has the ability to deliver a strategy anyone can use over and over again."

Todd Herman - Investor, Entrepreneur and Creator of The 90 Day Year

Jade Jemma

Ryan Levesque

“Laura was a featured speaker at my event ASKLive 2017, and I was so impressed with the knowledge bombs she dropped. I watched people furiously taking notes and many guests told us that her talk was one of their favourites. I’m grateful for all of Laura’s contributions, and think her attitude and give-first approach speaks volumes about her character. I can't recommend her highly enough.”

Ryan Levesque - Inc 500 CEO, #1 National Best-Selling Author and Creator of the ASK Method®

Theresa Cifali

Theresa Cifali

"I was ready to really amp up my sales, but I knew that I needed help. There was absolutely no questions as to whom I should work with. When I think sales strategist, I think Jade Jemma. Knowing how much value I’d received as part of her community, it was an easy decision to work with her. Within the first two weeks, I was able to close two clients and had my first 5-figure month. I’m well on my way to another!"

Theresa Cifali, Mom Boss Productivity Strategist

Ruth Millar

Ruth Millar

"Before working with Jade I was under pricing and under valuing my services. After just one session working with Jade I closed the biggest sale in my business which was paid in full (payment plans were my norm before) and I had my first £15,000 day! Working with Jade made selling my services feel so easy and aligned. Now I feel so empowered around selling and my 6 figure business is well on it's way to 7 figures."

Ruth Millar, Sales Funnel Strategist


With proven client results, wayyyy too many years in our field (we feel old!) and real-life business success - we are very proud of the reputations and credibility we’ve built in our respective areas of expertise.

This means whenever we put our names on something, it’s because we believe in it and the results we can give you. Simply put, we’re putting our money where our mouths are!

If you take part in the workshop and aren’t blown away by what we teach - we’ll happily refund you.

That’s how much we believe in what we teach and how much value you’re going to get from this workshop.

Jade and Laura x

$ 149
  • Online workshop - Thursday 5th April 2018 7pm UK time (2pm ET)
  • 2 hour one-off masterclass with Jade Jemma & Laura Phillips
  • Q&A session to get your questions answered
  • Event will be recorded
  • 2 weeks support post-event in private Facebook group

Add these 2 bonus masterclasses on the checkout page for $99...

Convos 2 Cash with Jade: Discover Jade's proven sales process that will enable you to convert your sales conversations into clients (and cash!) and how to create instant authority (and prevent your prospects going 'AWOL'), even if you're a newbie!

Affiliate Marketing with Laura: Discover how to use affiliate marketing to become an influencer in your industry, get noticed by the biggest names in your world and generate a LOT of money in the process. Laura will be sharing her exact method for how she did this in her industry with a tiny list!

Join the Conversions Masterclass today for just $149

Frequently Asked Questions

What date is the workshop?

Thursday 5th April 2018 at 7pm UK time (2pm ET, 11am PT) and will be approximately 2 1/2 hours long (2 hours training, 30 minutes Q&A session. But don't worry if you can't attend live, you'll get the recording PLUS you'll have access to us for 2 weeks post-event in a private Facebook group to ask any other questions :)

What if I can’t attend live?

Everyone will get the recording of the event (the day after) and you'll have access to both of us for 2 weeks after the event in a private Facebook group to ask any other questions that crop up.

What level is this masterclass aimed at?

The masterclass is aimed at all levels because the strategies we are sharing can (and should!) be applied to all launches / sales / marketing campaigns. Whether you haven't sold anything online, or you're shooting for 7-figure launches, what we teach can help you massively improve your results.

Do I need to install any software to join the workshop?

We will be using Zoom Webinar which is SUPER easy to use. The link to join will be sent out via email a few days before the event, and a reminder or 2 on the day, and you simply need to click the link and follow the instructions to join. Full instructions can be found here too.

Do I need to understand paid advertising to make your strategies work?

Absolutely not! Although paid advertising will definitely help you scale and reach more people, what we teach can be applied to organic traffic. So even if you're just starting out, have no budget and no techie-skills, you'll get huge value from the masterclass.

What is your refund policy?

Please click here to see our epic guarantee to make this a no-brainer and risk-free purchase!

Still have questions? Hop onto Facebook messenger and we can chat :)