Meet Laura Phillips – Love To Launch founder

laura phillips speaker

I have loved the entrepreneurial journey but I did not enjoy my early days in business very much.

As a web design agency owner the 60 hour weeks were killing me, I was missing my husband and children like crazy and no matter how organised I was a client emergency would always crop up at the worst time. Usually on holiday, or when I had promised my family for the bajillionth time that today would be a “no work day”.

I  hit burnout and vowed to change my life.

I vowed I would no longer trade my time for money and would find a new way of working. I quit my agency and started launching courses, workshops and programs.

And that's when my life completely changed for the better.

I've built a business that enables me to impact more people all over the world without impacting my health, happiness and relationships.

I'm no longer stressed having to find the next project and I can finally take time off when I want without the worry of what workload is waiting for me on my return.

I'm the “weirdo” who loves launches

They truly are the best model for quickly selling your products and services online, and they were the key to my own freedom.

And that is why Love To Launch was born. I want to show you how fun and easy they really are, and you'll love them too!

Business doesn't need to be hustle, “hard” work and putting in endless hours.

There's definitely a lot of “launch fear” out there, and its not necessary and my mission is to show you how fun, easy and profitable they can be.

I'm excited to have you here joining me here!

Laura x