Thursday 12th Dec    7pm GMT  (2pm ET / 11am PT)

Free masterclass:
The evolution of online launches and the 2020 trends you need to know

Discover how to successfully launch your online offers with more fun, ease and profits

What you can look forward to in this class...

the evolution of launches

Launches are changing faster than ever! Learn how launches have evolved and why you have to change the way you execute them now to capture your audience's attention and increase your conversions.

launch trends for 2020

Laura Phillips, Love To Launch® founder, will be sharing her top 3 trends for 2020 and the golden opportunities you have to innovate in your launches and stand out in crowded markets.

Launch success pillars

Wildly successful launches are not just about the launch plan! Discover the pillars of launch success and how to have "big hitter" launch success with more ease and fun (even if you hate launches right now).

What if it could be fun & easy?

FUN + EASE + PROFITS ... WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO at love to launch.

My early launches just felt hard. Things either weren't working well or I was so exhausted that I wondered whether it was even worth it.

Love + launches were not two words that I would have ever put together.

A few accidental launches later and I found a way of launching that felt lighter, easier, and FUN.
I fell in love with launches. And as a result I fell in love with my business and it changed my life.

Sounds cheesy but it's true because, as entrepreneurs, if our businesses don't bring us joy it affects all areas of our life, right?

At Love To Launch® we're on a mission to change how launches are done and we're seeing incredible results.

Our students in the past 90 days have generated over $1m in sales, many of them brand new to launches, and I'm excited to share what we're learning about launches on the masterclass.

Laura x

“I had no idea my success would happen so fast"

Before I met Laura I had never monetised before but I followed Laura’s launch plan to sell a course and made $7,000 in sales. I’ve made $20k on 2 launches since working with Laura. I've never had a coach that shows up for you the way she does - she makes everything easy.

Yasmine Cheyenne
Author & Spiritual Teacher
Lukas Van Vyve

"In just months I went from below 5-figure to a 6-figure+ launch"

Laura helped me go from below 5-figure to scaling to $6-figure+ launches and I’ve built a business I love. Laura isn't about “hustle” like many marketers and that's why she’s different.

Lukas Van Vyve Went
Lukas Van Vyve - Creator of the Effortless Conversations Method

“Launching successfully has changed my whole life”

I wish I could go back and work with Laura from the start because I wasted tens of thousands of dollars on things that didn't work. I’ve now had 2 successful launches and I did all the tech myself, even my Facebook ads. I still can't believe I did it - Laura's work changed my life!

Adrienne Leudeking
Coach and mentor to freelancers

“I'm working less, earning more and loving my business!"

Laura helped me set bigger goals and to see what is truly possible in my business. Thanks to her I just had a hugely successful launch of my membership bringing in 105 founding members! Laura taught me to focus on how serve my audience better and what do they really need from me - I'm looking at my business in a completely different way.

Maggie Dmochowski
Adelaide Bakes, Australia
Gemma Went

"What Laura has created is truly unique and so needed"

I’ve had many successful launches over the years but I chose to launch with Laura during a time in business that I was craving more ease and fun. Thanks to her I just had my most fun and easy launch ever. What’s she creating in this space is truly unique and so needed - whether you’re doing your first launch or your 10th.

Gemma Went
Award-winning business mentor
+ growth Strategist

“I've gone from wanting to quit to 6-figure launches!”

Laura helped me to take my stressful offline business and turn it into a 6-figure+ online business in just 12 months! I went from wanting to quit my business to a $45k, $109k, then a $124k launch thanks to her launch strategies and support. I'm so excited to see where we are in another year!

Emma Dewey
BabyEm Childcare Training