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Launch and Thrive
Launch and Thrive founder
Launch and Thrive founder - Laura Phillips

Are you ready to make this your year of more profit, more impact and more freedom?

Launch and Thrive is a growth club for entrepreneurs who use the power of launches to sell their offers.

With an expert coaching team, online training and an incredible community – we’ll show you to monetise your skills, launch your products / services into the world and build a thriving business.

And we’ll show you how fun, easy and profitable it really can be! As well as helping you to build the mindset and confidence to go for what you really want in your business and life.

We'll help you launch, and thrive.

Laura x

What makes Launch and Thrive unique?

Live Coaching + Online Video Training + Incredible Community

Launch and Thrive truly is a launch growth club combining coaching, training and support from a team of coaches, led by launch strategist and Love To Launch® founder – Laura Phillips.

Yes, you’ll get access to a whole library of video training, launch plans, swipes, resources and new training each month…

… BUT let’s be clear –

“Thrivers” are focused on TAKING ACTION not CONSUMING CONTENT.

In Launch and Thrive you’ll follow step by step plans that make the launch planning process easier, more fun and profitable.

And then you’ll attend weekly coaching sessions, hotseat calls and training workshops to get personalised feedback and support.

Plus you’ll join an incredibly supportive community of amazing business owners who are on the same journey as you.

What can Launch and Thrive help you to achieve?

Clarity + Strategy + Action

No more spinning your wheels, focusing on the wrong things or wasting time wondering what your next steps will be. In Launch and Thrive you get expert coaching to help you achieve your goals in all areas of business.

Grow a tribe of superfans

We aren't focused on simply finding customers online, we're focused on finding the perfect ones for you. You'll discover the secrets behind how you nurture strangers into a tribe of superfans who queue up to buy from you.

Create an irresistible offer

It doesn't matter if you're selling coaching programs, live events, workshops, courses or smaller online products – our focus is helping you craft highly profitable offers and identify your biggest opportunities and quick wins.

Plan your launch event

In Launch and Thrive you'll discover the right launch event for your offer and audience. Then we'll take you step by step through how to plan and execute it, without the overwhelm and fear!

Create a WOW experience

In Launch and Thrive, we sell because it serves which means your job really starts after your launch event! We'll give you all the strategies to not only win customers, but to WOW and keep them.

Scale your launches

We aren't “one launch wonders” round here so you'll learn how to scale your launches with better promotional plans, advanced traffic campaigns and strategic partnerships.

Who is Launch and Thrive for?

Launch and Thrive is for business owners who want to use online launches to sell their products and services.

Some of our members include…

Coaches, Consultants, Course Creators, Creatives, Membership-based Businesses, Educators and Authors.


Scaling to 7-figures? Private Launch Consulting might be a better fit for you, learn more here.

Launch and Thrive success stories

I generated £4940 in sales in my first launch following Laura's launch strategies. She's an amazing coach and I can't imagine where I'd be without her and the support in the Launch and Thrive community.

Dominique Mullally –
Wealth Coach & Founder of Finanically Fierce Females

I have quickly gone from a 5-figure launch to a 6-figure launch in Launch and Thrive. Most importantly I've built a business that I love – that's why what Laura is so different from other marketers.

Lukas Van Vyve –
Author & Creator of the Effortless Conversations method

Within just 12 weeks of joining I've launched a course that generated $7000 in sales, and I didn't create the product in advance! Launch and Thrive has given me everything I needed to make that happen

Yasmine Cheyenne –
Author & Spiritual Teacher