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Finally, a planner designed specifically for planning and executing online launches.

So you're using launches to sell your products and services and you feel like you use a bajillion tools to get stuff done but there's always something missing right?

If you're anything like me, you're probably frustrated that there's nothing really out there that helps you specifically with launches and so you end up using a combination of planners, softwares, boards and notebooks.

I'm Laura Phillips, launch strategist, and I totally understand and share your frustrations. I designed the Love To Launch planner to make my own launches easier… and soon I'm going to be sharing it with you too.

Designed to make planning launches easier

200 page planner to help you map out your online launches with more ease, reduce overwhelm and increase productivity.

Easy to follow planner sections guide you through planning your overall strategy and then chunk it down into bitesize daily tasks.

Checklists and daily trackers help to create more action and more accountability so you get better results from your launches.

Creative prompts and brainstorming sections are included to help you create standout launches that showcase your products and services.

Who is this for?


Use the LTL Planner to map out your launches of your courses & online products to maximise conversions and incrase your profits.


Increase your members and your recurring revenue by using the LTL planner to map out your next membership enrolment campaign.


Sell more of your services, event tickets and products to your customers by planning highly engaging launch campaigns.


Whether you're building huge amounts of buzz for new products or creating killer promotions, use the LTL planner to increase your sales.

About the creator

I'm the “weirdo” that loves launches.

I'm a launch strategist and coach so I spend my business-life running my own launches, consulting for private clients and teaching others to plan their own launches in my coaching program “Launch and Thrive”.

No doubt one of the top reasons I love launches is because of the campaign management skills I honed throughout my career working for hundreds of web and ecommerce business owners.

But I know many people do not share my love of launches so I have been lovingly dubbed as being a bit of “weirdo” ? I get it – launches can be overwhelming and stressful.

I designed this planner originally as printables for my own use because there were frustrating gaps in the stack of online and offline tools and planners I used.

But after getting amazing feedback from a small number of my coaching clients, I decided to share this with everyone. If you want to take part in the early beta, then make sure you're signed up for planner updates!

Laura x

Laura Phillips - Founder of Love To Launch