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  • Confused about what kind of launch is best for your offer and your market?

    Watch our 60 minute launch masterclass and discover which launch type is right for you!

    No pitch, just awesome content!


Challenge, classroom, video, webinar, phone, social, segmented or hybrid?!

Phew! It's exhausting just thinking about all the launch style choices you have! Let's make it easier...

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Discover the different launch types with launch coach, Laura Phillips

Learn how to launch like the pro's with launch expert and founder of Love To Launch® - Laura Phillips, who will be taking you through an online masterclass in launches. She'll be taking you through all the different launch types so you can understand which is right for you, your offer and your market.

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Launches for all stages - startups to scaling!

If you've ever found the launch planning process overwhelming, huge or completely bewildering you're going to love how easy, fun and light launches can be. Laura is going to show you how to simplify the whole process so that you can spend more of your launch time creating an epic experience for your audience.

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Step into a new level of confidence and ease with your launches

Uncover the "confidence killers" that are stopping you from truly showing up as the leader you really are and turning more of your audience into buyers during your launch. And you'll learn the 5-step process to let go of your launch fears, step into your awesomeness and build bigger belief in you and your launch.

And so you know you're in great hands...


Laura not only has the tactical skills to get results but can deliver strategies anyone can use over again.

— Todd Herman, Entrepreneur, investor and creator of the 90 Day Year.


Laura drops some of the most epic knowledge-bombs about launches. I'm so grateful for her contributions.

— Ryan Levesque, best selling author of "Ask" and founder of the Ask Method


As well as robust launch frameworks Laura adds in a huge amount of creativity to help you elevate your launch results.

- Gemma Went, Award Winning Business & Mindset Mentor.


I generated £4940 in sales in my first launch following Laura's launch strategies. She's an amazing coach and I can't imagine where I'd be without her.

— Dominique Mullally – Wealth Coach


Laura helped me to not only go from a 5-figure to 6-figure launch, but helped me build a business I love. That's why she's different from other marketers.

— Lukas Van Vyve – Author & Creator of the Effortless Conversations method


My launch results speak for themselves. I've completed several live launches and launched two evergreen online courses. I couldn't recommend Laura enough.

— Emma Dewey, Director – Babyem


I came to Laura when I was struggling with my business, and my confidence. Now I'm on the other side of a successful launch and things are very different – I credit her as a huge part of that.

- Dan Netting – Life at Lean founder


Laura is the most incredible launch coach you could ever wish. I credit her for the success I've had with my launches and absolutely love having her as a mentor - truly she's more like a best friend.

— Heather Angell – Productivity Coach & Founder of Focused and Fearless


Within just 12 weeks I've launched a course that generated $7000 in sales, and I didn't create the product in advance! Laura has given me everything I needed to make that happen.

- Yasmine Cheyenne – Author & Spiritual Teacher