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With launch coach and strategist Laura Phillips of Love To Launch

We want to see you win...

I have a unique perspective on TRIBE. As an alumni, and now the only launch coach in Stu’s membership program, I know exactly what support you’re going to need and how to get the best from the program.

My added experience of being a launch strategist & coach and successful membership business owner means you get the benefit of Stu’s phenomenal knowledge of building amazing recurring revenue businesses, as well as my launch expertise.

I put together my bonus experience to simplify your membership strategy, speed up your implementation and amplify your launch results.

As a proud partner of Stu's, when you sign up via my link you'll get access to my UNIQUE and extra special bonus experience totally FOR FREE.

This is a coaching experience like no other.


Worth a whopping $6592 and crafted to support you at each of the stages of launching your membership


Worth $1299

Pay in full and grab a ticket to my next in-person launch coaching event.


Worth $1999

A 2 hour private launch strategy consultation with me to uplevel your launch results.


Worth $799

Launch and Thrive membership for 3 months for launch strategy and extra coaching support.


Worth $799

My membership launch debrief & classroom launch masterclass - includes recordings.


Worth $519

Private quick-start video call to help you hit the ground running.


Worth $399

Success Path workshop to help you complete the Foundation module with more ease & bigger success.


Worth $649

Create your own low-cost, high-value membership site - step by step training course.


Worth $129

TRIBE companion - my exclusive guide on how to get the most from your investment in TRIBE.

Bonus 1 - Pay in Full only

Uplevel your launches with a live coaching event!

1. Live Event Ticket - In-person Coaching Day

When you pay in full, you’ll not only get all the other benefits in this bonus experience, but you’ll also get a ticket to my next in-person coaching day on Monday 17th June at the stunning Coombe Abbey hotel in Warwickshire!

This exclusive workshop is for my coaching program members and as a recipient of my TRIBE bonus experience, you’ll also get an invitation to join.

On the day we’ll be diving into the latest launch strategies, mapping out your next launch, masterminding on your biggest business challenges and you’ll get to hang out with me in person!

All learning materials, refreshments and a delicious lunch are included - all you need to do is show up with your best energy.

Value - $1299

Bonus 2

I'll work on your launch as your private launch consultant

2. Launch Strategy Consultation

The only way to work with me privately right now is on a VIP strategy day. This is my top-level service and results in 6-figure successes for my clients. Because the results of these are so powerful, I’ve decided to do something extra special for all those who sign up via me by giving you a private launch consultation with me.

You’ll get a 2 hour consultation with me to brainstorm your launch, outline your strategy, come up with creative ideas to boost your conversions and craft an epic membership offer. And we'll record it too so you get a resource to refer back to.

This offer isn’t available to buy anywhere and worth the invest in TRIBE alone.

Value - $1999

Bonus 3

Work with me for the next 3 months in my coaching program

3. Launch and Thrive membership for 3 months

The TRIBE learning group can be fast-paced and there’ll be thousands of people in there, so I’ve decided to do create a more focused place for you to get personalised feedback and support. The best way for me to do that is to give you access to my program which gives you weekly coaching, launch plans, a private community and all the support you'll need to make huge progress.

But here’s something extra special… If within the 3 months you do launch your membership you will also be given the option to continue your Launch and Thrive membership after the bonus experience ends! I wanted to include this exclusive bonus for the action-takers!

Enrolment doesn’t open for Launch and Thrive until 2020 so this is an extra special "money can't buy" bonus.

Value - $799

Bonus 4

Get the behind the scenes look on my last membership launch

4. Membership launch debrief & masterclass

In February 2019, I relaunched my membership bringing the total members of my coaching program to 73, and $20k in recurring monthly revenue. Converting at 10%, with just a $1000 ad spend - this was a wildly successful launch!

As part of your bonus TRIBE experience with me, I’m going to give you access to a launch debrief & masterclass in how I put this launch together, the steps I took to get people into the launch and create massive engagement (that led to massive conversions!), what went wrong and how I pivoted mid-launch, the results, the failed tests and the all important “must do’s”.

This is set to be an epic masterclass with many resources you can swipe and deploy in your own launch and an incredible addition to your bonus experience.

Value - $799

Bonus 5

Hit the ground running and get your immediate membership questions answered.

5. Private quick-start video call

To help you get your TRIBE journey off to the best of starts, when you buy TRIBE via my link, you’re going to get a private quick start call with me to help you map out your action plan, identify low-hanging fruit and discuss any areas of concern.

This call will be invaluable in helping you get off the starting blocks, because early momentum is what will help drive your results and bag yourself those quick wins.

We'll do this call within your first couple of weeks in TRIBE and you'll also get a recording.

Value - $519

Bonus 6

Get support and creative strategy in creating your membership success path.

6. Success Path Live Workshop

Probably the most challenging part of the Tribe Experience is mapping out your customers success path so I will be hosting a special live workshop that you’ll be able to take part in.

I’ll be breaking down my own success path for my coaching membership, and showing you the steps I took to map it out effectively… plus show you how I turned it into a creative asset that not only inspires my members to take action, but that also helps generate hundreds of leads for my business as a lead magnet!

In the workshop we’ll be working together to craft your success path very early into our time together so you can hit the ground running with your membership content plan.

Value - $399

Bonus 7

For speed of implementation and ease of getting your membership launched!

7. Membership site training course

I’m going to teach you how to build a world-class membership site in under a day, based on my step by step process, without having to invest in any crazy-expensive monthly subscriptions!

I’ll show you my own membership site framework, and step-by-step teach you how to create your own so you can WOW your members with an incredible online experience.

If you hate tech - don’t worry! You don’t need any tech experience and I’ll explain everything in jargon-free language.

PRO TIP: Give this course to your VA to implement for you!

Value - $649

Bonus 8

Your TRIBE experience companion

8. My guide to the TRIBE experience

You'll receive my exclusive guide on how to get the best from TRIBE!

Having learnt many incredible things along the way in my own TRIBE journey you’ll get my top TRIBE hacks, tips on how to get the best results and my #1 strategy for each module.

You'll also get my TRIBE success story breakdown including all the steps I took to get there, how I overcame the hurdles I faced and some launch golden nuggets!

I also reveal which parts of the TRIBE training helped me to achieve my biggest membership business wins so you can shortcut your own success!

Value - $129

Success Stories from people I've worked with

Within just 12 weeks I've launched a course that generated $7000 in sales, spent nothing on ads and I didn't create the product in advance! Laura has given me everything I needed to make that happen. I’m so excited to relaunch my course and running my first in-person workshops this year - people are asking for more and more!

I followed Laura’s “Beta Launch Plan” to sell a course and made $7,000 in sales. I thought only 3 people would sign up, I wasn't expecting 15!

Working with Laura keeps me sane, stops me having to waste time Googling things and trying to figure it out on my own, and more importantly gives me the guts to just go for it!

Yasmine Cheyenne - Author and Spiritual Teacher

Laura helped me to not only go from a 5-figure to 6-figure launch, but helped me build a business I love. That's why she's different from other marketers. I made my initial investment back within weeks - but that was just the start!

After my first launch we looked at ways to scale and Laura pushed me to find affiliates and different ways to do it. I found a YouTuber and we partnered up. I was considering lowering my prices as I wasn’t sure how it would go, but Laura encouraged me not to lower the value. Because of that my revenue was so much higher, and I had my first $6-figure launch!

Laura is a really nice person and well connected to big marketers so you get all of that knowledge and she is really good at both strategy and community. It’s nice to hear a coach saying something other than MAKE MONEY and hustle - that’s why Laura is different.

Lukas Van Vyve - Creator of the Effortless Conversations Method

I had not long left my corporate career of 19 years and launched my privacy consultancy when I started working with Laura as my coach. It was scary to launch, I had no audience and I just wasn’t sure anyone would buy. But within 3 months Laura helped me develop a live workshop and privacy training kit generating $11,000 in sales.

I wanted to launch a product in the GDPR space that was actually correct, because there was so much out there that was wrong. Armed with my strong “why” and some amazing launch strategies from Laura, I got it out there. I learnt how to nurture and I feel like I have so much more confidence to launch a future updated kit for new privacy laws being set in the next year. Now I have the experience to package all of this together and sell it

None of this would have happened without the encouragement and belief from Laura. I didn’t know what I was doing but she helped deliver a successful launch and answered thousands of questions but above everything she’s become my biggest cheerleader (and someone I class as a friend).

Jodi Daniels - Privacy Consultant, founder of Red Clover Advisors


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